Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What Did You Say ? - 1

Thaïs: What's your name? My Thaïs...
The other day Thaïs called out to me from the kitchen. I was in the bedroom, so I didn't hear her. I went into the kitchen and said, "What did you say, darling?"
"I wanna eat something. Are you deaf?"
I needed the Vaseline yesterday and was looking for it in its usual place, unaware that it had been moved to the top of the TV.
Thaïs: Mummy, what you looking for?
Me: The Vaseline. Have you seen it?
Thaïs: It’s here... on the TV... Blind bat!
Thaïs asks to be taken out for a walk every evening. After about 5 minutes of walking:
Thaïs: Please carry me. I can't walk. My legs are broken...!
Mario: What's mummy doing?
Thaïs: She's giving all dishes a bath...!

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