Friday, November 30, 2007

Hard Teats

We’re at the supermarket. There are people all around. And just as a reminder, my daughter has a loud voice:
Thaïs: Mummy, do you have hard teats?
Me: What? Er… I don’t know. Look… there’s the ketchup. Let me go get it.
Thaïs: No, wait. I have hard teats. Why do I have hard teats?
Me: Um.. I don’t know. Oh! Look at those cartons of milk. Let’s get some for you.
(If you haven’t realized it yet, I was trying to distract her and change the topic)
Thaïs: But why?
Me: I told you. I don’t know.
Thaïs: No! You know! Can you guess? Please? Can you guess?
(Now I’m getting desperate)
Me: Isn’t that the chocolate you wanted to buy? Go get some.
Thaïs: Because I brush them everyday, silly. With toot-paste!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. I could come up with several interesting excuses for doing so, but I’ll stick with the truth. I simply haven’t had the time. In the blogging world, this is probably inexcusable, and I should have been prepared for an eventuality like this, but I guess I have a long way to go before I get myself that organized.
We’ve been going around to the various schools in the vicinity, checking on their admission procedures. Now that Thaïs is almost three, it’s time for her to start. Actually the term begins in June, so she’ll be 3 years and 3 months old by then. She’s the only person who’s excited about the whole thing. Even though, for the first year, she’ll be at school for just 2-3 hours in the morning, and even though, since the time she started talking, I’ve been looking for all kinds of ways to get some peace and quiet from the non-stop chatter, it is a little depressing. My baby’s growing up. But who knows? My attitude may change once she actually starts going off to school and I get used to the long-forgotten tranquil mornings…
Also, my grandmother is not keeping too well. Between the regular visits to the hospital and the school admission procedures, things around here have been rather hectic.
And now, lest this turns out to be an extremely boring post, here’s something Thaïs said to her grandmother a few days ago. She had gone to spend the weekend with Mario’s parents and as is customary when she goes there, demanded to be taken out to the park in the evening. So they got dressed and ready to go. Thaïs insisted on putting on her own shoes. So Mario’s mum left her to it and walked towards the car. Afraid she might be left behind, Thaïs yelled out, “Wait for me, bloody bitch!”
I don’t know what punishment she earned for that, but I do know that Mario and I had a hearty laugh when we got to hear about it.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

What’s Wrong With The Water Today?

Advance Warning: On reading this post, you are in no way allowed to laugh at, make fun of, or ridicule me, in any manner whatsoever.
I was getting ready to bathe Thaïs the other day and she asked me if she could use the shower. She normally asks me to fill up the tub because she loves playing in the water. While she’s splashing about in the tub, I get around 15-20 minutes of peace and quiet so there are days when I find myself looking forward to bath-time.
Anyway, this was one of the rare occasions that she asked for the shower. This is also fun (for me) ‘coz I get to hear her shriek with delight as the water splashes all over her back. So we got started.
She entered the way she usually does – she bends forward and backs into the shower area, bum first. She still isn’t comfortable with the water falling directly on her head.
So there we were, the two of us, in the bathroom with the door shut, when I suddenly began to get a peculiar smell.
I got as close to the shower as I could without getting wet and sniffed the water.Strange smell. I stepped back.
A couple of seconds later, I cupped my hand, filled it with water, and sniffed it again. Strange smell.
Now the smell was beginning to get stronger. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. “Is the water smelling funny to you,” I asked Thaïs.
“No,” she replied.
“Then what’s that smell?” I wondered aloud.
Thaïs looked up at me, crinkled her eyes, gave me her most mischievous smile and said, “I farted!”