Monday, March 26, 2007

First ‘Sensible’ Conversation

My internet connection wasn't working for a few days, hence the lack of activity on this blog...
In any case, nothing interesting to blog about... just the usual... caught up with some housework... got some paperwork done... took li'l one out cycling.. she fell down a couple of times and grazed her cheek and knees... took her out to play cricket with the boys... Last night, however, she was in a rather naughty mood. Read on...
(It's bedtime. Li'l one, as usual, is trying to stay awake as late as possible.)
Me: OK now... close your eyes and go to sleep.
Li'l one: Put on light. Can't find 'tebby' bear.
Me: It's right here. Now, close your eyes.
Li'l one: Baby finished milk. Get 'thocolate'?
Me: No. You didn't finish your dinner. Will you close your eyes and go to sleep?
Li'l one: OK. Goo-night Tana.
Me: Goodnight, darling.
(Li'l one starts tossing and turning and wriggling around on the bed. Finally ends up lying across my face)
Me: Will you take your bum off my face?
Li'l one (giggling): Smell it!
Me: OK... Enough now. close your eyes and go to sleep.
Li'l one: Ooh.. can't do it. Can't do it. Eyes not working...
(A little later)
Li'l one: Daddy flass asleep?
Me: Yes.
Li'l one: Tickle him???

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Circolo Italiano, Goa - 2

Sorry for the long break. Like I said earlier, I've been busy with the inauguration of our new Italian club.

Mario and I had done a basic course in Italian a few years ago, and this year the students along with some of the past students took the initiative of forming this club called 'Circolo Italiano, Goa' with the objective of keeping in touch with the language and promoting Italian culture, art, cuisine, etc...

We plan on meeting maybe once a month, if not more frequently, just to get together to practise the language, maybe watch a movie (in Italian, of course), even organize an authentic Italian lunch/dinner now and then.

We had the formal inauguration on Friday, March 16. I've uploaded an album on my Yahoo! Groups site, so go check it out! Ciao!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Circolo Italiano, Goa - 1

Sorry, but I've been extremely this past week. Haven't had time to blog. Found a couple of minutes now... We're having the inauguration of our Italian club, 'Circolo Italiano, Goa' on the 16th of March. As the secretary of the club, I've been busy getting the invitation cards printed, the ID cards printed and laminated, memberships confirmed, etc.. etc... Will keep you posted on that. I've put up li'l one's birthday photos on my Yahoo! Groups page. So check them out there. Ciao!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Beach Bum - 1

Took li'l one to the beach today. How she loves the water! She's not afraid at all. In fact, she looks forward to the bigger waves. You should hear her giggle when she gets knocked down.
When we got back home, I told Mario to wash his feet first, before doing anything else, and, as was to be expected, he goofed up. So I started grumbling at him for getting water all over the floor.
Li'l one was standing behind us, listening to everything that was going on. Then, when I was almost done with my tirade, she looks at Mario and says 'ass'.
That was it. Both of us burst out laughing. She was happily grinning at us and decided to take advantage of the situation. She looked at Mario again and said 'asshole'.
But that was taking it too far, so she got a scolding, but only a half-hearted one 'coz we were still in splits.

Found out recently that one of her current favorite songs is "Dhoom Mathale"!!!

Monday, March 5, 2007


OK... So it's been two days without li'l one and I'm beginning to feel miserable. She went to her grandparents' two days ago and she's having such a good time there, she doesn't want to come back. They tried to bring her back yesterday but she refused. So I've decided to go there tomorrow and bring back one way or another.
It's funny -- when she's around she makes such a 'nuisance' of herself, gets in the way all the time and doesn't let me get any work done. But when she goes off I miss her dreadfully. Yesterday wasn't too bad. In fact, I welcomed the peace and quiet. I was able to get some housework, etc. done. Today was a bit too peaceful. Kept thinking about her, wondering what she was up to, staring at the wallpaper (the computer, I've got her picture there... don't worry, I'm not going nuts), missing all the mad thing she does... It doesn't feel very nice when your own daughter doesn't want to come back home!
Played badminton today after a long, long break. The exercise felt good. Let's hope it becomes more regular. BTW, I think I've put on some more weight. I really have to start working out. But first, let me finish all the chocolate and cake that's in the refrigerator...!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Injection Time

We took li'l one to her pediatrician yesterday. She just completed two, so was due her typhoid shot. From the time we got to the clinic, she was very impatient to see the doctor. She kept trying to jump the queue, "Doctor, doctor, see doctor."
While we were waiting outside, we met a friend who was also there with his son who was around li'l one's age and had what looked like the 'flu. Suddenly this idiotic father tells his son to kiss li'l one on her cheek. Can people really be so stupid? I should have stopped the kid before he got anywhere close.
Anyway, it was finally our turn to see the doc. Li'l one happily accepted the sweets the doctor gave her, little knowing what lay ahead. She stood up on the weighing scale and let the doctor check her with the stethoscope without any fuss -- she was busy trying to unwrap one of the sweets. She did get a little uneasy when we made her lie down and tried her best to get up. But the doctor was ready with the injection and gave it to her in her left thigh.
There was no reaction from li'l one for about two seconds. Then, her eyes went as wide as saucers and there was such a look of shock and horror on her face, it was almost funny. She yelled, but only for a couple of seconds.
The instant she got off the bed she was OK. She went over to the baby rocking chair in the corner and made herself comfortable there. So comfortable, that when it was time to go, she didn't want to leave. She picked up the chair and was trying to walk out with it, tripping over the weighing scale in the process. So we had to go back in to disentangle her from the chair and the scale, with the doctor laughing away at the other end of the room.
Any other kid would have wanted to get out of there immediately after the injection, or, at the very least would have wanted to be carried. But not li'l one. Pain doesn't seem to bother her too much. She'll make a good martial artist, much to my husband's delight.