Friday, June 29, 2007

What Did You Say? - 2

Caught Thaïs staring at one of her story books yesterday. After about half a minute I asked her what she was doing. “I’m reading. Don’t ‘sturv my ‘con-ser-pay-ten’ Tana. Don’t ‘sturv me, K?”
Part of our daily routine, when I give Thaïs her calcium and cod liver oil. As she takes her pills:
Thaïs: “I’m not well. Feeling so sick. Have to go to ‘os-ti-pal’.”
Me: OK. But they’ll also give you ‘jections.
Thaïs: Why?
Me: Because you’re not well.
Thaïs: No. I’m taking my pills. You take the ‘jection.
We’re getting ready to go out. I’ve dressed Thaïs and she’s standing at the door waiting for me to get my bag and keys. “Come on, Tana. Let’s go. Don’t waste my time!!”

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