Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Li'l one played 'cookit' for the first time today. She saw some of the neighborhood kids playing outside and wanted to join them. So the boys let her play with them -- for a little while -- until they started getting bored. After all, she was interrupting their game.
She seems to like wicket-keeping. She likes to squat when she sees the bowler coming in to bowl, but unfortunately, she doesn't pay much attention to her position on the field. As a result, she sometimes ends up squatting at the non-striker’s end, and if she really gets excited she squats with her back to the batsman, facing the bowler...
Who knows? She might just teach our Indian cricket team a thing or two!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Second Birthday

My little darling turned two today. How time flies! As young as she is, she has a mind of her own and can be quite obstinate when she wants to, but all in all, it's been an amazing two years.
Took her to the beach where she played in the sand with her two cousins. Made a total mess of herself playing in the water and rolling about in the sand. We got back, cleaned up and went over to my mum's place for dinner. And then, she didn't want to come back. "Stay Gamma! Stay Gamma!", she went over and over again, so I left her there.
She's adorable, but even I need a break now and then!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Handybaby

A few days ago li'l one caught me with a screwdriver in my hand trying to fix a loose door knob.
"Mummy, doing?" she asked.
"I'm fixing it," I told her.
"Fikkit, fikkit", she said and tried and tried to get her hands on the screwdriver, but didn't succeed.
Today I saw her trying to pull out the wheels of one of her cars. So I asked her what she was doing. "Beebee fikkit!" she replied happily.
Now she tries to 'fikkit' everything. She has 'fikkit'ed a pair of sunglasses, CDs, CD cases, some of her pull-along toys, one of her toy cell phones -- (she tried to 'fikkit' my cell phone too, but got a good yell for that), and the list goes on....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First 'Real' Haircut

I finally plucked up the courage to trim li'l one's hair. She’s been complaining about it falling in her eyes, but just won’t let the hairdressers come anywhere near. So, I emailed a friend of mine who happens to be a professional beautician, and asked her for some pointers on how to cut a fringe. She replied, and thanks to her I was able to put li'l one out of her misery.

I’m not saying that I did a good job, but at least the little darling can walk around the house without bumping into the walls or furniture, or tripping over her own feet, which she’s been doing a lot of, lately.


Here’s a snippet of a conversation we had today:

Li'l one: Mummy, I’m hungry.

Me: OK…. There’s fish, chicken, dal, rice, bread, chapatti. What would you like to eat?

Li'l one: Chocolate, ice-cream, sweets….

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jean Luc Ponty in Goa

What a disappointment!!! The Jean Luc Ponty concert would have been an utter waste of time if not for the bassist, keyboard player and drummer. It's a real shame when the backup musicians outshine the main attraction! I think the bassist was the best (and not a bad dancer, too!). The keyboard player was good, but he had a peculiar habit of standing up and sticking his bum out while playing.
The gates opened an hour after the scheduled time, and the concert was delayed by about 25 minutes. As if that wasn't bad enough, Jean Luc Ponty's performance was mediocre. The other band members were much better -- except for the percussionist. He should take lessons from our very own Zakir Hussain who, I'm sure, could have done everything this percussionist did, with one hand. (And I'm not just saying that 'coz Zakir Hussain hugged me!)
Anyway, on a different note, li'l one asked for a 'damn' butter sandwich today. So I made her a jam & butter sandwich, but the monkey didn't eat it. By the time I brought it to her she had changed her mind and wanted her milk instead.
Took her out for ice-cream earlier. Had a few spoonfuls and stopped. Do you know of any child who says no to ice-cream?!? She's really one of a kind!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Dreamer

I'm back after a long break. (Sorry, Tammy!) Didn't have much to blog about. In fact, things were so slow, we watched the Scary Movie series in succession. They were actually quite a lot of fun. Crazy, but fun.
Looking forward to the Jean Luc Ponty concert here on the 11th. Will keep you posted on that.
Had a little accident yesterday. Li'l one was sitting in her 'easychair' eating a chocolate chip cookie, staring out at the lake. She probably forgot where she was sitting or that she didn't have a diaper on and suddenly pee'd in the chair. She got so upset. Apologized profusely. Immediately went to her potty and tried to pee some more, but unfortunately nothing else came out. Embarrassed, she came back and repeated 'vedy soddy' over and over.
Went for a long drive this evening. On the way back she stopped the car because she wanted to see the 'sitting' sun!
Finally bed-time. Husband took her to the bedroom to try to put her to sleep. But little madam was not ready for bed yet, so she sat up, threw her 'ber' at him and said, 'suck thumb'!