Monday, June 11, 2007

Goodbye Blogger! Hello Wordpress!!

I’ve finally made the shift from Blogger to Wordpress and let me tell you, Wordpress is GREAT! It’s been only a couple of days, and I love it already.
Everything is so much easier, starting with the migration process. It was all automated and took about 30 seconds to import about as many posts. Now if only there was an automated way to import my Yahoo! blog. If you know of one, please enlighten me.
The way I see it, I’ll have to copy each post manually…. Maybe one day when I have the time… when the little one’s away… Not that there are many posts – I’ve been blogging for only about 6 months now, just the thought of having to do it manually...
So far, just one negative point for Wordpress – the themes. I think I preferred my chosen theme on Blogger. Wordpress does have one fully customizable theme that I know of, but that would mean messing around with CSS and whatever else, which I’ll get into later, and then maybe I’ll come up with a theme I like. For now I’m quite content checking out the available widgets and other options.
I’ve also found that the Technorati-Wordpress relationship is much better than the Technorati-Blogger one. Ever since I made the switch, all blog details, update info, tags, etc. show up on Technorati the way I expect them to.
Unfortunately, that’s not something I could say when I was using Blogger. Back then, getting that tag cloud to work was not very easy. I did manage eventually, though. And then I migrated to Wordpress!
All in all, Blogger’s great for the absolute novice, as it was for me, but when you want a little more flexibility, Wordpress is the next best (free;-)) choice.

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