Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A glimpse of the thunderstorm whilst @colinbassman and I were at Britto’s pigging out..

Couldn’t resist taking a pic of this abandoned waverunner, thanks to the thunderstorm..

Sunday, September 13, 2009


When Thaïs comes across a blank notebook, she has to fill it up.. Sometime she colors, other times she scribbles all over, this time she tried her hand at doodling.

Here’s her first shopping list… Well, at least she got the date right.

She obviously had to practise her 8s before she got that cat right! I wonder how she managed to give it an electric shock, though!!

This is a drawing of one of her dogs. Notice the tick marks? She corrected her own doodles..

This one’s my favorite :) That’s the 3 of us.
Thaïs on the top with the biggest head (figures!!), mummy on the left (biggest stomach!!) and daddy on the right (heh heh!!)
I was quite horrified the first time I saw the daddy doodle, but when she explained it, she told me it was his bum :)
Whether she was serious or just pulling my leg, I’ll never know..