Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now that’s addiction! LOL!!

Lil one.. back from school.. and straight to her ‘new’ mp3 player..

30 mins later..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dancing Queen

OK.. So the title is a bit of an overstatement.
Thaïs has been practicing for a dance show organized by one of Goa’s leading dance instructors. The concert was held yesterday. Unfortunately the videos of her dancing are too large to upload.. I’ll need some time to edit them before I put them up here. Let’s hope that happens soon.
Something I’ll never understand is the need to have fashion shows at every goshdarned event. Anyway, since their inclusion, or exclusion, is beyond my control, I had no choice but to play along. Here’s my li’l model walking down the ramp. And what a professional model she is – she made her debut, and had the customary wardrobe malfunction, both at the same show.
For now, until I edit the dancing videos, here’s a short clip of Thaïs doing the catwalk.