Monday, May 28, 2007

Back Home

Li'l one has come back home now after spending about a week with Mario’s parents. She hasn’t stopped talking since she got back In fact, her vocabulary has increased and her speech is a lot clearer now.
During the week that she stayed with them, they’d bring her over for a ‘visit’ every other day. Twenty minutes at a time was all she wanted with us. She’d chat with us for a bit, and then walk around inspecting the place, looking for any changes. That done, she’d be ready to go back and wouldn’t hesitate to tell us so.
She’s with my sister now, and the two of them are busy tickling and worrying each other. And when my sister isn't tickling li'l one , she’s clicking pictures of her. And how she loves it! The way she poses, you’d think she was a professional model.
I was combing her hair yesterday and had brought it down over her face in order to part it in the center. She started grumbling immediately. “Hair gone in eyes, hair gone in eyes,” she said.
So I told her to close her eyes and continued combing. After I finished, I told her she could open her eyes. “Yes. My eyes are on, mummy!”

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