Friday, June 22, 2007

Stormy Weather

The monsoons are here. It’s been raining almost non-stop for the past week. Thunderstorms and all. Thaïs got to try out her new umbrella and raincoat a couple of days ago. In the rain, this time.
She used to open the umbrella and walk around the house and make me do the same. I did — until I got caught by the neighbor.
She put on her shorts all by herself for the first time today. There were two mistrials before she finally succeeded on the third try. The first time she got both legs through the same opening. Then she called out to me, “Ooh… ooh… Mummy look this… I’m ‘tuck. Please come here.”
On the second try she got the shorts on back to front, and realized it only when she wanted to stuff something down her front pockets. That got her quite upset, “Mummy, they gone… they gone.”
“What’s gone?”
“My pockets!”
“No, darling. You’ve got them on back to front. Let me help you.”
After I got her shorts back on she said, “Thank you, Tana. Now put on my shoes and let’s go out…”

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