Monday, March 5, 2007


OK... So it's been two days without li'l one and I'm beginning to feel miserable. She went to her grandparents' two days ago and she's having such a good time there, she doesn't want to come back. They tried to bring her back yesterday but she refused. So I've decided to go there tomorrow and bring back one way or another.
It's funny -- when she's around she makes such a 'nuisance' of herself, gets in the way all the time and doesn't let me get any work done. But when she goes off I miss her dreadfully. Yesterday wasn't too bad. In fact, I welcomed the peace and quiet. I was able to get some housework, etc. done. Today was a bit too peaceful. Kept thinking about her, wondering what she was up to, staring at the wallpaper (the computer, I've got her picture there... don't worry, I'm not going nuts), missing all the mad thing she does... It doesn't feel very nice when your own daughter doesn't want to come back home!
Played badminton today after a long, long break. The exercise felt good. Let's hope it becomes more regular. BTW, I think I've put on some more weight. I really have to start working out. But first, let me finish all the chocolate and cake that's in the refrigerator...!

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