Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Circolo Italiano, Goa - 2

Sorry for the long break. Like I said earlier, I've been busy with the inauguration of our new Italian club.

Mario and I had done a basic course in Italian a few years ago, and this year the students along with some of the past students took the initiative of forming this club called 'Circolo Italiano, Goa' with the objective of keeping in touch with the language and promoting Italian culture, art, cuisine, etc...

We plan on meeting maybe once a month, if not more frequently, just to get together to practise the language, maybe watch a movie (in Italian, of course), even organize an authentic Italian lunch/dinner now and then.

We had the formal inauguration on Friday, March 16. I've uploaded an album on my Yahoo! Groups site, so go check it out! Ciao!

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