Thursday, March 8, 2007

Beach Bum - 1

Took li'l one to the beach today. How she loves the water! She's not afraid at all. In fact, she looks forward to the bigger waves. You should hear her giggle when she gets knocked down.
When we got back home, I told Mario to wash his feet first, before doing anything else, and, as was to be expected, he goofed up. So I started grumbling at him for getting water all over the floor.
Li'l one was standing behind us, listening to everything that was going on. Then, when I was almost done with my tirade, she looks at Mario and says 'ass'.
That was it. Both of us burst out laughing. She was happily grinning at us and decided to take advantage of the situation. She looked at Mario again and said 'asshole'.
But that was taking it too far, so she got a scolding, but only a half-hearted one 'coz we were still in splits.

Found out recently that one of her current favorite songs is "Dhoom Mathale"!!!

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