Monday, March 26, 2007

First ‘Sensible’ Conversation

My internet connection wasn't working for a few days, hence the lack of activity on this blog...
In any case, nothing interesting to blog about... just the usual... caught up with some housework... got some paperwork done... took li'l one out cycling.. she fell down a couple of times and grazed her cheek and knees... took her out to play cricket with the boys... Last night, however, she was in a rather naughty mood. Read on...
(It's bedtime. Li'l one, as usual, is trying to stay awake as late as possible.)
Me: OK now... close your eyes and go to sleep.
Li'l one: Put on light. Can't find 'tebby' bear.
Me: It's right here. Now, close your eyes.
Li'l one: Baby finished milk. Get 'thocolate'?
Me: No. You didn't finish your dinner. Will you close your eyes and go to sleep?
Li'l one: OK. Goo-night Tana.
Me: Goodnight, darling.
(Li'l one starts tossing and turning and wriggling around on the bed. Finally ends up lying across my face)
Me: Will you take your bum off my face?
Li'l one (giggling): Smell it!
Me: OK... Enough now. close your eyes and go to sleep.
Li'l one: Ooh.. can't do it. Can't do it. Eyes not working...
(A little later)
Li'l one: Daddy flass asleep?
Me: Yes.
Li'l one: Tickle him???

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