Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Fashion Conscious Daughter

The fact that I have no fashion sense whatsoever is no secret to my family. (I can imagine my sister nodding vigorously in agreement!) :) I usually end up wearing the same t-shirts over and over again. Or so I’m told. And no, it isn’t because I don’t launder them after each use.. so don’t even think about suggesting that. They’re washed, folded neatly, and kept on top of the pile on the shelf, so when I need a clean tshirt, I grab the first one I lay my hands on. Thus the 4-5 shirts on the top of the pile keep getting recycled.
Now you may say that since I’m aware of this habit, I could do something to change it.. but I couldn’t be bothered. Really. I’m sorry my li’l darling, but it looks like you’re stuck with a terminally unhip mother.
A few days ago I wore a t-shirt given to me by my sister. Now I usually buy clothes that fit ‘comfortably’. If my sister were to describe them, I guess she’d call them ‘baggy’. So this t-shirt was definitely more ‘fitting’ (read as ‘tighter’) than anything I would have bought.
The first thing Thaïs said when she saw it was, “Mummy, I like your t-shirt!”
I thought she was referring to the color. It is a nice shade of purple. “Thank you, sweetie.”I said. “Do you like the color?”
“No. Not the color. I’m talking about the shape, Mummy.”
“The shape?” I asked. “What do you mean?”
She thought for a second, then with a wicked grin, “It makes your stomach look fat!”

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