Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Chapel Feast

Our Caranzalem chapel is finally ready. It was inaugurated today, on the Feast of Our Lady Of The Rosary. These are a few pictures I took inside and around the chapel. Here we have the old chapel in the foreground, with the larger, new chapel alongside..

And here’s the new chapel. As is customary with all religious feasts, we have the ‘chonne-biknam’ vendors outside. Sadly, no ‘kaddio-boddios’ or ‘ladoos’ :(

Walking around the chapel. I like the bay windows up there.. ;)

Continuing on, we have what I think, is the main entrance to the chapel, with the Souto Maior Community Centre building on the right.. The building at the back is the rectory/vicarage ( I’m not sure of the term; kindly correct me in the comments :) ) which we’ll see a little later..

The fountains in front of the Souto Maior Community Centre building..

Coming around, we have the rear view of the chapel and the pathway leading to the rectory/vicarage..

And that’s the rectory/vicarage on the left. If only we had a bell tower..

One of several identical floral arrangements at all entrances to the chapel..

The next two were taken from where I was sitting..

The rest of the pictures were taken after Mass..

And finally, we have the brass band, another must-have at all Goan church/chapel feasts..

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