Monday, August 31, 2009

Still More Artwork

Thaïs started school today after a two-week break. With much persuasion I managed to get her to open her coloring books:

Don’t miss the thumbs up!And yes, I’m aware of the spelling error.

What A Colorful World — Thaïs’ version of the song.

Painting the monkey’s toes red wasn’t enough, she painted her own toenails as well.

Now this elephant started out with jaundice, but I guess it recovered pretty quick :) She did a fair job with the other colors, until she picked up the red crayon. I don’t have anything against nail polish, but those red patches on the body were puzzling, to say the least. However, she cleared that up for me. “The poor elephant has a rash,” she said. “He has been scratching.”

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