Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All About Sight Words

Thaïs has been learning about sight words in school. ‘Sight words’ is the term for words that readers should recognize instantly, for example, and, the, it, is, on… You can find the Wikipedia entry for sight words here.
She now ‘reads’ the newspapers, recognizing all the sight words and yelling them out.
In the past I’ve blogged about Thaïs’ colorful language, which has become even more colorful in the last year. But she does exercise caution, making sure (most of the time) that she doesn’t curse or abuse when there are people other than family around. Nevertheless, I try, however unsuccessfully, to tone her down.
Now, and I don’t how this has happened, she is under the impression that if she has valid reason to abuse, it’s OK. The other day, after she came back from school, she started rattling off all the ‘bad’ words in her vocabulary. “Bastard, swine, idiot, asshole…” she went on.Oh yes, the ‘F’ word too..
So naturally I told her to stop and asked her why she was cursing.
“No, mummy. I’m not cursing… I’m not angry…” Then with a wicked grin, “those are the new sight words we learned in school today.”

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