Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Did You Say? – 6

Something new my darling has started – she refuses to let me wash her hands…
Thaïs: Tana, why you washing my hands? You’re getting on my nerves.
Me: What did you say?
Thaïs: Wait… let me burp…
Thaïs: OK… I can’t talk when I’m burping. I said, “you’re getting on my nerves, Tana”.
Thaïs: I want to play bat-minton.
Me: OK… but you’ll have to grow up a bit. The racquet is too big for you now.
Thaïs: OK… when I grow up I’ll play bat-minton.
After a while…
Thaïs: When I grow up I’ll hit the shutter-cock with the bat-minton… OK?
Last night at around midnight…
Thaïs: Come on, Tana. It’s 10:30 o’clock. Time to go to sleep…
She had just spent the last 20 minutes jumping and dancing on the bed, and this, I suspect, is what got her exhausted enough to tell me that she was ready to go to sleep.
Thaïs: If I jump over the pillow, then I would fell down… so I’ll jump in the middle.

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