Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Special Bed

Last night Thaïs slept in her cot for the first time in over a year. I finally decided it was time she made the shift, so I cleaned up the cot which hadn’t been used since she was about six months old, ‘dressed’ it up a bit with her favorite dolls and teddy bears, and tried to make it all sound like a new adventure. I was most surprised to find that it worked!
Thaïs: My bed… my special bed… It’s small… just for me… You’re too big, Tana. Your bum won’t fit…
(Around midnight. Thaïs is standing up in her cot.)
Me: OK… Lights out… Goodnight!
Thaïs: I want my bib… I go look for her bib and give it to her.
Thaïs: Thank you Tana. Goo-night Tana. Goo-night Daddy.
(Around 5 am. Thaïs is standing up in her cot.)
Thaïs: Tana wake up… I’m wet… I made su-su…
I get out of bed to clean her up. Somehow, she has managed to wet the bed through her diaper. Since her bedding now had to be changed and I wasn’t in the mood to do that at 5 o’clock in the morning, I washed and changed her, and let her go back to sleep in our bed.
(Around 7 am. Thaïs is sitting up in bed.)
Thaïs: Tana wake up… I want my milk…
And so the day begins…

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