Saturday, August 18, 2007

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Computer’s running fine now. Installed all the required software so I should be fine for the next 6–8 months!
My angel’s back after spending 3-4 days with Mario’s parents. She’s grown in the short time she’s been away. Talks a lot more. Can’t imagine how that could be possible, but it is…
She can count upto 10, in order, now. Till the last 2 weeks she had her own order, which changed every time she counted! She can also write 0 and 1 (she calls them ‘ball’ and ‘line’).
Her favorite phrase now is ‘forget it’. You ask her anything, she says ‘forget it’ if she doesn’t want to/know the answer.
OK… it’s rather late… she’s finally finished her milk. Yeah… I was just killing time… ;)

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