Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Dreamer

I'm back after a long break. (Sorry, Tammy!) Didn't have much to blog about. In fact, things were so slow, we watched the Scary Movie series in succession. They were actually quite a lot of fun. Crazy, but fun.
Looking forward to the Jean Luc Ponty concert here on the 11th. Will keep you posted on that.
Had a little accident yesterday. Li'l one was sitting in her 'easychair' eating a chocolate chip cookie, staring out at the lake. She probably forgot where she was sitting or that she didn't have a diaper on and suddenly pee'd in the chair. She got so upset. Apologized profusely. Immediately went to her potty and tried to pee some more, but unfortunately nothing else came out. Embarrassed, she came back and repeated 'vedy soddy' over and over.
Went for a long drive this evening. On the way back she stopped the car because she wanted to see the 'sitting' sun!
Finally bed-time. Husband took her to the bedroom to try to put her to sleep. But little madam was not ready for bed yet, so she sat up, threw her 'ber' at him and said, 'suck thumb'!

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