Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First 'Real' Haircut

I finally plucked up the courage to trim li'l one's hair. She’s been complaining about it falling in her eyes, but just won’t let the hairdressers come anywhere near. So, I emailed a friend of mine who happens to be a professional beautician, and asked her for some pointers on how to cut a fringe. She replied, and thanks to her I was able to put li'l one out of her misery.

I’m not saying that I did a good job, but at least the little darling can walk around the house without bumping into the walls or furniture, or tripping over her own feet, which she’s been doing a lot of, lately.


Here’s a snippet of a conversation we had today:

Li'l one: Mummy, I’m hungry.

Me: OK…. There’s fish, chicken, dal, rice, bread, chapatti. What would you like to eat?

Li'l one: Chocolate, ice-cream, sweets….

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