Friday, January 5, 2007

Off The Mark

Finally.... put the little one (and the big one!) to bed. Now I can sit down, uninterrupted, and get this thing started.
Today was peaceful. Li'l one woke up in an extremely good mood. Finished her breakfast and asked me to take her out on her tricycle, "Mammy, out. Bike. Gep-up!"
So I had no choice. It was either that, or sit at home and listen to her scream. She has a loud voice, so I chose the former. God help me when she grows up... She's only going to get louder!!!
She met some boys cycling outside, and went after them. Didn't want to come back home after that... Had to lure her away with promises of chocolate and ice-cream. Those are her preferences, in that order -- boys, chocolate and ice-cream. I'm next... after doggies, mud, water and Santa Claus.
Went to play badminton this evening, after a long break. Made the mistake of taking the li'l one along. And so, I paid the price. Didn't get to play much -- was forced to run around with her trying to keep her off the other courts. She had taken my racquet and one of the shuttlecocks and was trying to play cricket! Thankfully, my racquet survived. Never again.... well, not for another 2 years, at least...
OK... will sign off now. Can't keep my eyes open any longer. Ciao.

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