Sunday, January 14, 2007

Birthday Party

Li'l one was invited to a birthday party today. Had a blast with all the other little kids there, but for some reason got scared of the clowns.
Won a prize for the smallest dancer on the floor. Well, actually, she wasn't on the dance floor -- more like on the periphery, closer to where I was sitting. There was some kid who kept following her and pinching her cheeks every time she joined the other kids on the floor and, not surprisingly, she didn't like it very much.
Anyway, she was too much of a lady to pinch back, so every time she saw the kid approaching she'd come running to me. My brother did a good job of looking out for her every time she wandered off. Even won her a pull-back car which she promptly broke! She can be quite a brute sometimes...
All in all, she must have had a good time, because she was asleep less than half an hour after we got back home.

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