Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Did You Say? - 9

This is a coincidence — it has been exactly one year since my last What Did You Say? post. The reason being, I had temporarily misplaced the (edited) list of howlers by my daughter.. yes I still write things down on paper. Anyway, I knew I’d find it eventually, and I didn’t want to miss any of them out. So here goes.. in somewhat chronological order..
Thaïs: Mummy, it’s ‘eveling’. Let’s go to the park.
Me: Sure, darling. Pick up all your toys and put them away, first.  
She picks up exactly two toy cars..
Thaïs: Can you help me?
Me: No. It’s easier for you to do it. You’re closer to the floor.  
She thinks for a while..
Thaïs: Oh yes. You’re right.. (I can’t believe I got away with that!! :) )
Grinning, she picked up all her toys and put them away.
Thaïs: OK. Now I don’t feel like going to the park. Can we go down to play ‘pong-ping’?
This was when she was at nursery school..
Thaïs: We learned something new today. Sleeping lines and ‘woken up’ lines.
I checked the book. It was actually sleeping lines and standing lines.
Thaïs has a rather colorful vocabulary. We do try to correct her, but she takes her chances.. and gets away with it sometimes.
During the swine flu outbreak…

 Thaïs: The swine flew? Where?
 After a while..
Thaïs: So that program you watch, is it ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘Swine-feld’?
At the pool…
Thaïs: These tiles around the pool are very dangerous. They’re very slippy. (slippery)
Thaïs: Mummy, why don’t these ladies wear panties and swimming bras like the ladies on TV?
Luckily, she was out of earshot of these ladies. :)

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