Monday, February 15, 2010

Carnival In Goa – 2010

This year it was my daughter who dragged me out to the carnival parade. We had decided not to go coz she was just recovering from a throat infection, but as it turned out, she had plans of her own. So, without further ado, here goes… This post is going to have a LOT of pictures… you have been warned :)

King Momo

Here comes the queen…


I’m still trying to figure this guy out.. I’ve heard of revealing outfits, but this one takes the cake..

These looked refreshing..

Topless ? mermaid.. :)

I like what they did with the petrol tanks.. Garage band.. :)

From a distance, this one looked quite obscene…

This guy was shamelessly hilarious…

Heh!! Whoever he is, he has a sense of humor…

And that was all I managed to get. We left early because ‘someone’ got bored.. Actually, we were quite relieved when she said she’d had enough. The loud music was beginning to give me a headache.

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