Thursday, January 14, 2010


I may have mentioned this earlier, but Thaïs has suddenly taken an interest in art. A year ago it was virtually impossible to get her to pick up a pencil and draw something. Yesterday apparently, she got into the mood to draw, “Mummy, I feel like writing pictures.”
Quite surprised, I didn’t waste any time getting her pencil and paper. And yes, she says ‘write’, not ‘draw’.
First up, was a Christmas tree. This is something they’ve been taught in school. Along with presents under the tree. Gift wrapped, of course. All wrapped with similar paper — note the design :)

Next we have a drawing of yours truly.. with my sunglasses on. Seems like I forgot to comb my hair, though.. Which happens quite frequently with me.. very observant of her, I must say.. :)

Then she drew herself in a rocket that had flags.. and a face.

This scenery seems normal.. sun, clouds, tree with a hole for the owl, house and.. Is that a girl or a boy? Don’t miss the ‘anatomically correct’? attention to detail. That’s the heart, btw, in the middle :)

And finally.. my favorite. A do-it-yourself connect-the-dots activity puzzle. The sad face because she had to write the numbers and dots instead of just joining them :)

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