Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lessons In Manipulation

Here’s how li'l one tried to manipulate her father yesterday. She was watching her current favorite ‘Tin Tin’ and I guess was feeling too lazy to get up:

Li'l one: Daddy, if you get me a glass of water I’ll be your darling…. more than mummy’s!!


Li'l one is extremely fond of her grandfather. Whenever she goes over to spend the weekend or holidays with them, she always has to be in the same room as he (or, at the very least, he has to be somewhere in sight). Even when he goes out he has to take her along. The other day he tried to leave while she was still asleep. But the minute he started the engine, she was up.

She ran out and asked, “Papa… You’re leaving without your princess?”

Needless to say, he had to come back in, wait for her to get dressed, and then leave, taking her along for a drive.

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