Monday, March 17, 2008

Thaïs And TV Advertisements

There’s a new quiz show on TV. Actually I think it’s more like a competition where you have to send in the correct option by SMS. The question changes every week or so.
Last week’s question: ‘Which animal is also known as the Ship Of The Desert?’
The answers: 1) Horse 2) Ass 3) Camel
The first time Thaïs heard the options she was shocked. She knows ‘ass’ is on the list of ‘bad words that she must not use on other people’.
Eyes wide, she asked, “Did he say ‘Ass’?”
“Yes, he did. But in this case it’s allowed because ‘ass’ is another word for ‘donkey’.”
“Okay,” she said, and there were no further comments.
The next time she heard the announcer she stood up and at the top of her voice she yelled out, “Option 1, Horse; Option 2, Ass; Option 3, ASSHOLE….!”
Another advertisement for designer bath fittings shows a man soaking in a tub, drink in hand. Then he gets out, wraps a towel around himself and walks past what I assume is a designer bidet and a designer commode. Li'l one watches the ad, then asks, “Now why didn’t he sit on the pot? Is he feeling shy?”

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