Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is It A Leonardo? Is It A Picasso? No, It’s A Thaïs!

Thaïs has been playing around with ‘cray-horns’ for a few months now. She has several coloring books, but I guess the joy that comes from scribbling on clothes, walls, chairs, tables and the floor is too great to resist. As a result, her coloring books are almost as good as new – if you don’t consider the food stains, spit marks (don’t ask!), and dog-eared corners thanks to the unnecessary flipping of pages. Yesterday, she picked up a pen and the newspaper and created her first masterpiece all by herself. She calls it ‘Daddy’.


OK… OK.. To me it’s a masterpiece. BTW, those appendages at the bottom of the figure are Daddy’s legs. Yup! Coming right out of his head!

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