Friday, November 30, 2007

Hard Teats

We’re at the supermarket. There are people all around. And just as a reminder, my daughter has a loud voice:
Thaïs: Mummy, do you have hard teats?
Me: What? Er… I don’t know. Look… there’s the ketchup. Let me go get it.
Thaïs: No, wait. I have hard teats. Why do I have hard teats?
Me: Um.. I don’t know. Oh! Look at those cartons of milk. Let’s get some for you.
(If you haven’t realized it yet, I was trying to distract her and change the topic)
Thaïs: But why?
Me: I told you. I don’t know.
Thaïs: No! You know! Can you guess? Please? Can you guess?
(Now I’m getting desperate)
Me: Isn’t that the chocolate you wanted to buy? Go get some.
Thaïs: Because I brush them everyday, silly. With toot-paste!!

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