Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What Did You Say? - 3

Yesterday, Thaïs tried to climb up one of the chairs and swing off the back rest. She has been doing this for a few days now. I tried to caution her but, as usual, she assured me she knew what she was doing.
Me: Thaïs, be careful. You might fall.
Thaïs: No. Won’t fall. I’m careful-ing…!
She’s only about two-and-a-half, but her vocabulary is almost as colorful as her father’s. ‘Shut Up’ has become a routine word now. She uses it when, after several minutes of pulling her leg, light finally dawns.
‘Swine’ and ‘Bloody Bassad’ are abuses reserved for uncouth drivers.
She says ‘Damn Shit’ out of frustration when she has reached the limits of her dexterity.
‘Bloody Bitch’ is occasionally used on her imaginary friend.
I’ve saved the best (or the worst) for last. The ‘F’ word. That’s used when she wants some attention.
Or simply repeating what Mario has said.
What’s amazing is that she knows exactly when to abuse.
I know we should probably be more strict and correct her more often… Later, when she grows up a bit and it doesn’t sound quite as cute.

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